pCHANgE has developed a strategic plan that enhances Security Companies  current staff with retraining, technology, and effective quality assurance procedures that results in increased  client loyalty and satisfaction.

At pCHANgE we believe “Success is achieved with Determination, Dedication, and Quality!”


Our Goal

Our goal is to exceed our clients security needs.  We provide innovative services that are reliable, effective and tailored to our clients specifications.  

Pchange partners with professional security management firms that have established methods of providing unsurpassed service to their clients.  Our partners cover a broad range of clients including Property Management, Government Services and Special Services. 

Property Management
  • Commercial - services include patrolling parking lot, loss prevention, observe and report crime and parking enforcement. 
  • Residential – patrol perimeter,  building access management, enforce property regulations, assist law enforcement in reporting crime. 
Government Services
  • Building Access
  • Property Surveillance 
  • Patrol National Monuments
Special Services
  • Concierge
  • Special Events
  • Janitorial

Our Services

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